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Yard waste removal

When your lawn is filled with a stacks of weeds, leaves, grass, branches and other trash then our Yard Waste Removal & Cleanup Solution is the solution you’ve been searching for.


The pros at Junk Removal Alexandria VA know Scrap and Removing Debris. Our team is ready to deal with any type of lawn or yard waste.


From lifting large branches, painful thorn bush clippings, to the removal of light yard debris or waste, we are able to help you restore your yard so that you can keep your yard clean and have healthy landscaping. 


For your yard waste removal needs, we are your trusted and affordable professionals


Yard Waste Clean Up Service Virginia

Avoid the hassle of hauling leaves, dirt and rocks as well as other trash all by yourself. When you contact Junk Removal Alexandria Professionals, we will move all yard debris and junk and restore your yard to it’s glory. Our yard waste clean up service is very affordable. 


Junk Removal Alexandria is committed to an eco-friendly solution. We’ll take care of every aspect of cleaning to ensure that your garbage, trash or junk is reused and then cleared of.

yard waste removal alexandria

Yard Waste Removal Items

✓ Branches
✓ Thorn Bushes
✓ Tree Stumps
✓ Plants
✓ Garden Debris
✓ Flowers
✓ Pet Waste
✓ Wood Chips
✓ Leaves
✓ Brush
✓ Acorns
✓ Grass Clippings
✓ Fruits and Vegetables
✓ Twigs and Pruning
✓ Weeds / Roots
✓ Logs

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