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Renovation Debris Removal


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Renovation debris removal Alexandria va

Are you looking to get rid of renovation debris? Don’t worry because you have Junk Removal Alexandria pros to help! We’re a group of professionals who can assist remove your construction or renovation debris that has accumulated all over your property. We provide fast and simple solutions to assist you in getting rid of the renovation debris. Our services are are considered the best throughout Alexandria and the surrounding areas. If you decide to choose us for your trash and renovation debris, you simply choose the best and most affordable service in town!


Construction Debris Hauling

A renovation of your home will always leave you with a lot of debris. You can’t just throw it away. Also, you don’t know how to dispose of it safely. In this case it’s always best to employ an experienced junk removal service to assist you with their effective services. We at Junk Removal Alexandria VA, always strive to keep a positive attitude to provide the best service while helping customers with all their trash removal needs. When we handle the removal of your construction or renovation debris, we will ensure your safety and your convenience are our top priority.


The renovations can result in leaving your home with a huge mess. There could be the excess materials around your home, such as wiring or wood scattered over, ruining the attractiveness of your new home. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of the entire materials within a reasonable time. This will not only help to restore the aesthetic appeal of your home but also ensure it is safe for you to walk around freely. If you’re seeking help with debris removal in Alexandria, VA, Get in contact with us.


Why should you choose us?


  • We’re experts in what we do and are among the most effective in the industry.
  • We will never compromise the quality of our services, despite providing them at a reasonable cost.
  • We will always follow all mandatory safety precautions when aiding you in the removal of your debris, junk or trash.
  • We complete the task of debris removal in the most efficient and speediest way that is possible.
dumpster rental

Renovation Debris removal & Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster rental offers a great deal of benefits for parties and sites of all types. Business owners and homeowners alike will benefit from the ease of having a dumpster rented on site when they embark on a major task. Our customers have confidence in renting their dumpster from Junk Removal Alexandria VA Pros and other variety of issues like:


  • Building projects Don’t bother with hauling garbage away when you can put the dumpster right on site. You can fill it as you tackle your construction project and we’ll take it away once it’s full or when the project is completed.

  • Roof projects – The tear-off of the roof and its installation can cause a lot of chaos. Contact us to get a dumpster and dump all the trash and keep your construction site in pristine condition.


  • Landscape tasks including the plant waste to extra mulch and even packaging products, a huge landscaping renovation can create lots of trash. Take care of it easily with the help of a dumpster rental.


  • Remodels If you are planning to remodel your house, where will you dispose of the debris that has accumulated? Rent a dumpster so that you get rid of it without stress or multiple visits to the landfill.

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