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Estimated Pricing

Prices for junk removal differs based on truck load and the items to be taken away.

To provide you with a rough estimate , most of our jobs cost between $100 to $300 for pickup or removal.

We invite you to request an estimate for junk removal using our online form, or call us to receive an exact quote.We’re ready to do all the heavy lifting for you.

How Junk Removal and Hourly Labor Work

Whatever you require of us to move your Junk, Trash or Garbage in Alexandria or surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to perform that labor for you!

We’ll supply all the required labor needed to unload and load the junk and trash we take away from your premises.

Hourly rates vary based depending on the type of junk, location , and the kind of job we’ll work on. Contact us for more information.

A Stress-Free Junk Removal Service

NO Pressure: We don’t push your buttons. Call us or request a free estimate at no-cost to you


PEACE of MIND: You can relax knowing that we will take care of your project from beginning to the end. All our team members are trained professionally and prepared to tackle any job that is given to them.


Fast Service: When you require fast labor, we offer same-day or next day labor to handle those urgent junk removal issues!


ECO Friendly: We like to be as eco-friendly as we can when it comes to disposing of your Junk. Our aim is to save the planet! We recycle everything we gather that is reusable and we dispose of responsibly in eco-friendly garbage dumps!


Relax and be happy: We have everything under control. We provide our customers with our most reliable, pleasant and professional junk removal service that are available throughout Alexandria, Virginia and surrounding areas!


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Junk Removal Alexandria, we are aware of the steps required of a professional junk removal company. We also consider what hourly labor entails, so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

From loading up your trash or junk and getting rid of it, our labour services are guaranteed to save you time save you cash!

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