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Mattress Disposal Alexandria Va

Do you need assistance in mattress disposal within Alexandria, VA? In the “Eco-City,” residents and guests would be disappointed to find an old and dirty mattress on the curb. proper Alexandria Mattress disposal might be difficult but with the help of affordable upfront prices and touchless pick up for safe removal of mattresses it’s simpler than ever before.

Get a helping hand when it comes to Alexandria Mattress disposal and book Junk Removal Alexandria Pros online today to take it off and dispose of it properly for you


Need Mattress Removal in Alexandria VA?

Our team of mattress removal experts have years of experience disposing off mattresses. Be it king size, queen size, or twin mattress, we’ve got you covered. The size of the mattress is irrelevant to us. If you’re interested in having your mattress removed, hauled away and disposed off the right way, then don’t hesitate to call us to get our assistance in your mattress removal and disposal.


Junk Removal Alexandria Pros specialize in all things junk removal and cleaning. What might be a big clean up project and take days to complete yourself will take us a few hours. Let us help you by tackling the most daunting task. We have been providing exceptional and cheap services throughout Virginia for years now. 


Our cleaning team are dressed in appropriate attire that’s specifically designed for effective mattress or junk removal. The most dangerous chores should be handled by experts, this is why we recommend that you contact us to use our mattress removal and disposal services. We are experts in cleaning up and removing all unnecessary items and possessions from any home


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Alexandria VA Mattress Disposal in 4 Easy Steps

  • Simply Contact us via phone or complete our FREE quote and once an agreement has been made, we’ll arrange a simple removal and disposal appointment that is based on your schedule.
  • We’ll give you a courtesy phone call in the morning of the scheduled pickup time to confirm the time frame of arrival.
  • Our insured and licensed removal team will be at your location within the scheduled time frame and will handle all the heavy lifting.
  • Based on the condition of your items, we will do our best to get rid of your furniture or mattress in the most responsible and efficient way possible.

Mattress Removal Service Types

✓ King Size Mattress
✓ Queen Size Mattress
✓ Box Springs
✓ Memory Foam
​✓ King Size Mattress
✓ Queen Size Mattress
✓ Box Springs
✓ Memory Foam

mattress disposal alexandria va

Disposing of an Old Mattress in Alexandria

Got a beat up mattress, box springs or used furniture in Fairfax County area? No matter what, never put your mattress on the curb. Make sure you keep our community clean at all times. Hire a professional hauler like Junk Removal Alexandria Pros to help with responsible, eco-friendly mattress disposal in Alexandria.


Eco-Friendly Mattress Recycling

There are around 20-40 million mattresses that are disposed of every year, with the majority ending up in landfills. recycling mattress can help save more than 65 pounds of harmful material from landfills and its contents could be recycled into environmentally friendly products. We offer reliable mattress disposal within Alexandria. Our aim is to get rid of your mattress using the most sustainable method that is readily available to you.


Why You Should Choose Us

We enjoy Mattress removal and proper mattress disposal. We are dedicated to give you the best solution for all needs related to Mattress disposal and removal needs. We are extremely proud of our top-quality services that we provide , and hope you appreciate the ease of getting a FREE quote by simply calling. All you have to do is call or get FREE quote below.


We are looking forward to taking good care  of your removal needs!

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