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At Junk Removal Alexandria VA Pros, we are concerned about you and the surroundings. The following questions are often asked by our customers and we’ve come up with solutions to help you started.


What exactly is “junk”? And why should I be concerned?


The term “junk” refers to anything that occupies an enormous amount of space and isn’t being used by us. Since junk piles up in the house, it will take up the entire space in our homes or offices. Junk Removal Alexandria VA Pros firmly believe that when trash is not properly cleaned in its entirety, it will cause many problems as well as bad odors. attracting insects with the presence of bacteria.

All of them pose serious health towards us. Therefore, it is essential that we discover methods that can help us clear out the clutter to expand the amount of space we need as well as to improve our health.


What are the ways to get rid of junk?


There are a variety of methods that can be used to remove the junk that we have in our homes. Landfills are typically employed to bury the trash in a massive pit. The problem with this approach is that the garbage begins to decompose or rot and leaves the area with an unpleasant smell.

Another option is incineration. The waste is burned in a fire that leaves no solid remnants in its wake. The majority of junk can be recycled, which ensures reuse. It is possible to have the raw materials removed from their bodies that have been processed, and after that, the material is used for creating new products or be utilized to generate heat or electricity.


What should I do to keep my place and my area clean?


It’s easy to help in this scenario by following the guidelines clearly. Place the compostable waste in your green garbage bin and non-decomposable waste into the bin in blue. If you notice someone who is littering the community, inform them about the dangers their actions could cause. If you notice any type of junk or garbage left in your vicinity, on the street where you’re walking or driving be sure to dispose of the trash in the closest bin.


What are your services?


We are at Junk Removal Alexandria VA Pros, our junk removal services include furniture removal, appliance removal, hoarder cleaning, Hot tub disposal, trash removal as well as pickup mattresses disposal, demolition debris removal, yard debris removal as well as yard waste removal.


What do you haul away?


We don’t remove or dispose of havardous items like drums of oil (filled) paint chemicals, oil drums, or any other types of solvents.


Whats the cost of your services?


At Junk Removal Alexandria VA Pros, we price you based on the amount and type of the junk you have. We determine our charges by looking at the quantity of trash that has to be taken away and removed. Take a look at our pricing page for junk removal prices.


How do you dispose of the trash?


Depending on the type of junk you have, we ensure that everything that can be recycled or reuseable is taken to the correct source. In other cases, we ensure that your trash is taken to an area that is a landfill or transfer station.


How can I make an appointment for the services you offer?


Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out more information about our services. After we have discussed the needs of your junk removal we will confirm the time slot. We will ensure that we give you the best date and time from our schedule so that we can assist us with junk removal service efficiently.


Can the job be done in the evenings?


Even though there’s a risk in getting the job completed after it’s dark, we’re willing to discuss the most effective solutions to assist you with your junk disposal needs. If you require, we’ll proceed with making specific arrangements to have the task completed for you. The pros at Junk Removal Alexandria VA are always there to help you by offering our junk removal services. Just call us and we’ll be able to assist you!


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