After Christmas Trash Removal

After Christmas Trash Removal?

Christmas is over and it’s the time of limbo between presents and New Year’s. Also, there’s tons of garbage and trash to be cleared including the christmas tree. Do you take some trips to the garbage dump on your own during the winter months? Do you have assistance? There aren’t any Christmas elves to help with post-holiday trash Removal. It’s likely the trash container in your home is already full, then there are piles of “extra” garbage that are waiting to be emptied into it. You’re not even done opening everything yet!

After Christmas day, joy can be found everywhere in your home as does trash. Bags, wrapping papers bows, ribbons boxes, different packaging made of seemingly bulletproof plastics, as well as piles of food waste and candy wrappers. The municipal waste management folks are already stretched to the limit and are working hard to keep the trash off the curbs and off the streets. Do-it-yourself garbage removal isn’t an attractive option even on the most perfect weather days. However, for the majority of Americans across the U.S., the holiday season is cold, wet, and frequently snowy, and rarely the best time to go to the dump. It begs one question: what can you do once you need to get rid of trash after Christmas?

Christmas Trash isn’t Normal Trash

Post-Holiday trash isn’t like the trash you find throughout the year. If you’ve experienced several decades of Christmas and the holiday season, you realized the amount of trash, junk and other debris can build up within and around trash bins. In addition to the food and party trash, the after-gift-opening trash, and the throw-out-the-old-stuff trash, you’ve got a Christmas tree (or two), some incredibly large cardboard boxes filled with busted up styrofoam and plastic wrapping, and any number of other odds and ends that only seem to show up this time of year. All of it has to be removed.

Sorry, But The Elves Can’t Help With Your Christmas Trash Pickup

Somehow. Many people find that a non-splendid holiday tradition is stashing of the bags. You’re probably familiar with the idea: any excess garbage is gathered and put away – either out in the yard somewhere , or even in the garage . Then, it’s put in the curbside trash bins each week until it’s all gone. need-some-after-christmas-trash-removal-1 Sure, you might be able to schedule a “bulky trash” pickup from your waste management folks, but that takes effort and, sometimes, extra fees. You’ll end up with boxes and bags laying on the floor until New Year’s Day has passed. If we’re lucky enough, they’ll be gone by Valentine’s Day. The only exception is perhaps the tree.

We’ve all heard of those people who have dead Christmas trees that are still sitting in their backyards several months after the holiday season were over. The good thing is you do not need to join them. It’s possible to avoid doing your Stashing of the Bags tradition this year!

Enjoy ‘Hauliday’ Trash Removal from Junk Removal Alexandria Pros

There’s a safer and simpler method to take care of your post-holiday trash disposal. They don’t arrive in a large red sleigh complete with bells however, you can trust that your neighborhood Junk removal crew can provide the most efficient, secure and sustainable large-scale trash and junk removal services both in and after the holiday season.  We’ll handle your trash now by offering the Hauliday Junk Removal service. Here at Junk Removal Alexandria Pros, our goal is to make the cleaning up of your holiday junk easy for you.

The best part is that we will ensure that your junk is disposed off safely and securely. A few items in good condition could end up at an local non-profit organization and the remainder will end up at an recycling facility. Our removal procedure is green! Junk Removal Alexandria Pros, love “green” and mindful of the environment is at the core of our goal.

We make it happen each day through recycling and making donations of as much as we can. As high as 60% or more of what that we take in is treated in this manner. When you’re looking for holiday trash disposal, our environmentally-friendly method ensures that all glass, plastics and metals and other materials are properly recycled and sorted. This even includes the outdated Christmas tree.

The best part is we’ll do your heavy lifting, hauling and lifting! Simply point and sip your hot cocoa and we’ll remove the holiday junk and trash quickly as fast as you blink! And all without any additional costs or hidden costs. Our insured and professional rubbish and trash removal staff will contact you 15 to 30 minutes prior to arriving at your residence. When we arrive we’ll give you an estimate at no cost depending on the amount of space your holiday garbage will be able to take up in our truck, along with other junk items you’d like to dispose of.

Therefore, schedule your christmas junk pick up or removal appointment with us by calling right now (703) 952-3363